Go Before You Go!

Before you head out to paddle Lake Tahoe, use the restroom first. We all love our waterways and we want to keep them clean.


Did you know that raw sewage contaminates waterways with harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites? These pathogens can cause symptoms ranging from nausea, upset stomach, respiratory problems, skin infections, and more. Coming into contact with polluted water can also cause more serious water-borne diseases. No one wants that! So, make sure you “Go Before You Go!”


Use the Lake Tahoe Water Trail map below to find a restroom near your launch site or if you need to “Go” mid-paddle, the map can help you find a restroom along the way.

Map courtesy of Lake Tahoe Water Trail

You can also purchase a waterproof version of the Lake Tahoe Water Trail Map & Access Guide.